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The four primary services provided by Weber Elder Law Office include:

The lawyer who practices elder law may handle a range of issues but has a specific type of client: retired people and people with disabilities. Elder law attorneys focus on estate planning options to minimize taxes, avoid probate court and maintain government benefits like social security and medicaid benefits.

Man Standing Beside Woman on Swing - What is Elder Law

Why Choose Weber Elder Law Office?

There are no two situations exactly the same and what works for one may not work as well for others.
Weber Elder Law Office has over 25 years experience to help discover the best solution for each individual matter. We listen to the needs and background of each client to guide them in making good plans for the future. 
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Weber Elder Law Office cares about
our clients’ individual needs.

Call Us Today to Schedule a Consultation

Whether you need assistance with general estate planning, the medicaid application process,
special needs trusts, or guardianship administration, Weber Elder Law Office is here to help.
Call us at (913)661-0550

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